Businesses and donors give over $56,700


    Among the accolades of their sterling records of academia and leadership, High School Guidance Counselor, Mr. Witcraft,  told the audience at this year's Scholarship Presentation where the graduating class is headed after graduation. 44 are attending a 4-year college, 34 have enrolled in a public college, 25 will be going to technical colleges, 1 is joining the Marines full-time and 19 of them are moving directly into the workforce. In the 15 years that Mr. Wifcraft has been the Guidance Counselor at the High School he says that the community has given over $583,000 in scholarships to graduates and congratulated the entire community on their support of the graduates past and present.

    Sons of the American Legion Squadron 33-Verva Shumate, Hailey Elness, Shawn Dempsey and Ethan Hildebrandt
    Education Minnesota-Samantha Resick and Ethan Hildebrandt
    Gerald Beckius Memorial Scholarship-Austin Pinke
    American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employess, Council 65, Local No. 1204, AFL-CIO-Yajaira Ramirez
    American Legion Auxiliary Unit No. 33-Hailey Elness, Hannah Reuter and Abby Frederickson
    American Legion Auxiliary to the Outstanding Girl in Senior Class-Abby Frederickson
    American Legion Post No. 33-Shane Leistikow, Shawn Dempsey, James Rogers, Sara Asendorf, Hailey Elness and Verva Shumate
    American Legion Award to the Outstanding Boy in Senior Class-Scott Mueller
    Louis C. Anderson Memorial-Sysamone Liemthongsamout, Paul Tuura, Maegan Cross and Austin Pinke
    Armour Eckrich Meats LLC- Pamela Manriquez, Nidia Zelaya, Jocelyn Nielsen and Caitlin Olsen
    Howard Brekke Memorial-Zachory Beckius and Hailey Elness
    The Davidson Memorial-Scott Mueller and Abby Frederickson
    Fraternal Order of Eagles Aerie 3420, Wildlife and Conservation-Zachory Beckius
    St. James Fraternal Order of Eagles-Ethan Hildebrandt, Arturo Garcia, Darci Johnson and Alayna Moody
    Friends of the St. James Library-Brennen Thomas
    William Friesen Memorial-Rachel Lahti
    Good Samaritan Society Employee-Katarina Barrett, Katlyn Ranniger, Jocelyn Nielsen and Hannah Reuter
    Sgt. Brent W. Koch Memorial-Samantha Resick
    NuWay Cooperative and NuMart Convenience Stores-Caitlin Olson
    Pioneer Bank Employee-Susana Vera
    Sadie Jo Nelson Memorial-Sarah Krech
    St. James Arts and Theatre Association-Victoria Clark and Caitlin Olson
    St. James Boys Basketball Booster Club-Shane Leistikow
    St. James Eagles Auxiliary Post No. 3420-Shawn Dempsey and Katlyn Ranniger
    St. James FFA-Hailey Elness
    St. James High School English Department for Language Arts-Rachel Lahti
    St. James Lion's Club-Lauren Collier, Rachel Lahti, Charles Kolstad, Matthew Dahl and Linda Martinez
    St. James Medical Center Foundation-Darci Johnson
    St. James National Honor Society-Scott Mueller
    Young Minds Change Lives Educational Scholarship Program-Sarah Krech and Charles Kolstad
    St. James Rotary Club-Verva Shumate, Sara Asendorf, Caitlin Olson and Elizabeth Conn
    St. James School Food Service-Matthew Dahl, Sysamone Liemthongsamout and Shane Leistikow
    St. James Senior Class-Matthew Dahl
    St. James Sertoma Club-Arturo Garcia, Alayna Moody and Katie Becker
    St. James Student Council-Hannah Reuter and Victoria Clark
    St. James Wrestling Hall of Fame-Ethan Hildebrandt and Brady Stauffer
    Josephine L. Sevada-Katie Schwarz
    Vaughn O. Sinclair Scholarship for Agriculture-Hailey Elness
    Southwest Minnesota Housing Partnership "Emerging Markets"-Pamela Manriquez and Yajaira Ramirez
    Sunde, Olson, Kircher and Zender-Susana Vera
    Support Our Troops- Red Friday-Brennen Thomas and Sara Asendorf
    St. James Area Chamber of Commerce Watonwan Agribusiness Committee "The Future of St. James"-Katlyn Ranniger and Benny Hoffman
    The Joyce and Gary Sturm Family-Ethan Hildebrandt
    The Les and Joe Olson Memorial-Zachory Beckius
    Tony Downs Foods Student-
Brady Stauffer
    Veterans of Foreign wars- Ladies Auxiliary-Katarina Barrett and Elizabeth Beckius
    Veterans of Foreign Wars- Ellingsberg Zettel Post No. 1914-Shawn Dempsey, Rachel Lahti, Matthew Dahl, Marissa Romsdahl, James Rogers, Shane Leistikow, Charles Kolstad, Brennen Thomas, Darci Johnson and Samantha Resick
    Watonwan Farm Service-Sara Asendorf and Marissa Romsdahl
    Watonwan Game and Fish Club Natural Resource and Wildlife Conservation-Zachory Beckius
    Wilcon Construction, Inc.-Samantha Resick
    Women of Today-Nidia Zelaya
    St. James Public Schools Federal Credit Union-Charles Kolstad, Susana Vera, Matthew Tucholke and Samantha Resick
    Special Awards:
    American Legion Post No. 33 Boys State Awards-Cory Malakowsky and Caleb Johnson
    Morgan Williams-Jessica Martinez