A St. James man, Bradley James Gertsema, 41, was found dead at an alcohol detoxification center, early Monday morning, in New Ulm.

     This came after his arrest on Sunday afternoon, when a police car was dispatched to a residence,
following a disturbance complaint.

     Gertsema had taken off in a vehicle, by the time officers had arrived for questioning, but was later pulled over and arrested for suspicion of driving while intoxicated.

     He was later driven to the New Ulm detox center that would ultimately be the place of

     “In the situation of being sent to detox, it’s a procedure that is normally done for those who are
intoxicated when they’ve been arrested,” explained St. James Police Chief Mark Carvatt.

     Around 2 a.m., the following morning, Gertsema was found

     At the time of publication, the case is still under investigation.