Legal notices as published in the St. James Plaindealer on September 20, 2012.


Court File No. 83-PR-12-464

In Re: Estate of Lyle Greiner aka Lyle A. Greiner, Decedent

It is Ordered and Notice is given, that on Oct. 10, 2012, at 8:30 a.m., a hearing will be held in this Court at St. James, Minnesota, on a petition for the formal probate of an instrument purporting to be the decedent’s Will dated March 20, 1990, and for the appointment of Laura Greiner, whose address is 82109 420th Street, Truman, Minnesota 56088, as personal representative of the decedent’s estate in an unsupervised administration.
Any objections to the petition must be raised at the hearing or filed with the Court prior to the hearing. If the petition is proper and no objections are filed or raised, the personal representative will be appointed with the full power to administer the decedent’s estate, including the power to collect all assets, pay all legal debts, claims, taxes and expenses; sell real and personal property; and do all necessary acts for the decedent’s estate.
Notice is also given that subject to Minn. Stat. §524.3-801, all creditors having claims against the decedent’s estate are required to present the claims to the personal representative or to the Court within four (4) months after the date of this notice or the claims will be barred.

Dated: Sept. 5, 2012

Greg Anderson
Judge of District Court
By Carol Melick
Court Administrator
By: /s/ Kelly Appel, Deputy

Attorney for Petitioner
Darin G. Haugen, Attorney
MN #0320110
114 W 2nd St.
Fairmont, MN  56031
Telephone: 507-238-4711
Facsimile: 507-238-4711

Published in the St. James Plaindealer Sept. 13 and 20, 2012.


Present: John Baerg, Bill Berg, Raymond Gustafson, Mark Rentz and Scott Sanders.
Transit Director Marge Smith was present with Transit Bus Driver Virgil Stradtman to recognize his accomplishment in receiving the Driver’s Choice Award, as chosen by his fellow competitors at the Bus Roadeo in Bemidji.
Approved the Agenda as amended.
Approved the minutes of the August 7 regular meeting.
Approved advertising for the rental of 22.4 acres of landfill farmland for 2013-2014.
Approved the training request of Mike Wacker.
Convened a Public Hearing to receive public comment on the progress and performance of the grant funding that Watonwan County received from the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development Small Cities Development Program for funds to rehabilitate low to moderate income households.  Michelle Clark from Southwest Minnesota Housing Partnership, which administers the SCDP was present to review the program.  A total of 16 projects will have been completed when the program ends December 31, 2012.  Although major outreach campaigns were conducted, they fell short of the 21 projects for which there was funding.  The primary reason for projects not moving forward was that applicants couldn’t come up with their 30% share of the project costs.  There was no public comment.
Approved payment of bills as audited and filed in the County Auditor's Office as follows by fund:  General Fund—$105,468.59; Solid Waste Fund—$4,071.96; Building/Equipment Fund—$973.22; Ditch Fund—$1,167.20; and the Road and Bridge Fund—$149,979.28.
Approved payment of the General Fund credit card in the amount of $2,918.06 and the Sheriff’s credit card in the amount of $126.63.
County Auditor Don Kuhlman reviewed a proposed Purchase Agreement with Trebron Company, Inc. for the Sophos Data Protection Suite for Governments, the County’s anti-virus and anti-spam software.  The current agreement for Sophos has cost $4,335.67 per year.  The new 3-year Agreement would cost $3,270.98 per year.   In addition to saving over $1000 per year, encrypted e-mail will be made available, which will allow the sending of private data.  
Approved the 3-year Purchase Agreement with Trebron Company, Inc. for the Sophos system in the amount of $3,270.98 per year.
Public Works Director Roger Risser reviewed the summary of Authorized Work for Others.
Risser reviewed quotes for remote web-based fuel gages for the out-shop fuel tanks at the cost of $795.00 per site. No action was taken, pending discussion during the budget review process.  
The following quotes were received for a light duty vehicle maintenance scanner for various lights that come on in the motor pool vehicles.  It costs approximately $65 each time they need to be scanned at a local station to diagnose the issue.
Phill Bookshaw                $1,923.75 - used
    $4,162.78 - new
Snap-on Industrial    
$3,164.93 - new
Approved the quote of Snap-on Industrial in the amount of $3,164.93 for the purchase of a light duty vehicle maintenance scanner.  Software maintenance for all three units was quoted at $549.00 every 2 to 3 years.
Risser updated the Board on the status of construction projects.
Commissioner Gustafson had received an inquiry about the length of the yellow markings in front of the Madelia Chamber.  Risser reviewed State laws that prohibit parking within 30 feet upon the approach to a stop sign, so noted that the yellow markings are appropriate.
Tom White and Mike Johnson of Hometown Sanitation were present to update the Board on the recycling program and request an amendment to the contract.  The recycling program is going well.  Of the 3300 households that were projected, 2800 carts have been put out.  There have been minor problems with wrong items being placed in the carts, and the lack of proper usage of the drop sheds. White reviewed the proposed amendment regarding the additions of the dropsite shed in St. James and curbside pickup in Grogan. They requested to add $1,000 per month to the contract, with retroactive payment for the additional services provided.  
Approved the proposed amendment to the Watonwan County Recycling Contract with Hometown Sanitation Services, LLC, increasing the monthly compensation to $15,991.67.
Attorney Bruce Sellers was present regarding a Petition for an Improvement of Watonwan County Judicial Ditch No. 13.  The system doesn’t have the needed capacity.  MnDOT is going to be doing construction of Highway 60 and will be replacing tiles anyway and picking up the majority of the cost.  Sellers assured that those who signed on behalf of trusts were legally authorized to do so.
Approved appointing Chuck Brandel of I&S Engineers as the engineer for the petition and Bruce Sellers as the attorney.
County Auditor Don Kuhlman reviewed the July financial reports.
Approved one-step pay increases for Diane Whitney, Greg Walsh and Doug Jones.
Approved the appointment Miranda McMullen as a full-time Dispatcher and Irma Correa as an on-call Dispatcher.
Board members were encouraged to attend the AMC Policy Committee Meetings on September 27 and 28.
Commissioner Gustafson reported that the handheld radios are not working in Madelia under the new system.  Frustration was expressed that the system was pushed through and it has turned into a safety factor.  Sheriff Menssen was called to the meeting.  He noted that some other counties are having similar issues and they’re researching what the best fix is for the problem, which could include an amplifier.  The State system was designed primarily for mobile coverage.
Recessed at 11:55 A.M. and reconvened on August 22 at 11:16 A.M.  Present:  John Baerg, Bill Berg, Ray Gustafson, Mark Rentz and Scott Sanders along with Sheriff Gary Menssen and St. James Chief of Police Mark Carvatt.
County Attorney Stephen Lindee and Victim Witness Coordinator Melissa Cornelius were present to review the proposed County Attorney’s budget for 2013. Lindee informed the Board that the grant from the Office of Justice which had provided funding for the Victim Witness Coordinator was not approved. He is presenting a combined 2013 budget which shows an increase of approximately $40,000 in net expenditures from the 2012 Attorney’s budget due to the loss of the grant funds with offset from reduction in expense items and the $6,000 of funding provided by general fund revenues.
Adjourned the meeting.

Scott Sanders, Chairman
Watonwan County Board

Donald Kuhlman, Clerk
Watonwan County Board

Lisa Schumann, Deputy Clerk
        Watonwan County Board

ATTEST: Donald Kuhlman
               Watonwan County Auditor

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Published in the St. James Plaindealer Sept. 20, 2012.