Meet your neighbor Beth Henderson. Beth is a personal trainer and manager of the St. James Anytime Fitness. She is known for putting together grueling workouts and her never-stop attitude.

Are you originally from St. James?

“Born and raised here. I went to St. James High School.”

Did you go to college?

“I went to Mankato State – I just took some generals. Now I’m certified in personal training.”

What’s your favorite aspect of St. James?

“The closeness of a small town community.”

How many children do you have?

“I have four kids – two in college, two in high school.”

If you could change anything about St. James, what might that be?

“I’d like to see life come back to our chamber community and have more stores to provide for needs and services here in St. James to keep our economy local. I’m a big believer in supporting our local community business.”