The St. James fire department prepared a special dinner for the ambulance squad after losing the competition to see who could give the most blood Thanksgiving Day.

The St. James fire department and ambulance squads took their competition to the next level this year, when they decided to stake a dinner for whoever could bring in the most units of blood during the Thanksgiving Day blood drive in St. James.

The ambulance crew surpassed the fire department winning the competition by two units of blood this year. As a reward, the ambulance crew received the “blood drop” trophy ­­– which is a travelling trophy that goes to the winner every year. They also received a roast beef dinner courtesy of the fire department which took place Tuesday, Feb. 5 at 7 p.m.

The fire department also prepared carrots, twice baked potatoes and provided store-bought cookies for dessert.

Family members of the two departments can participate in the competition. This year’s blood drive was the most productive since the event began eight years ago, with 208 units of blood being collected.

The St. James fire department and ambulance crew are hoping to extend the competition to all Watonwan County fire fighters and EMS personnel next year. The overall goal, of course, is to collect blood and help save some lives.

With the success the competition has brought during the last few years for the Red Cross, it wouldn’t be surprising to see other communities following the Watonwan County lead and creating their own competitions to raise the awareness for this worthy cause and bring in more donors.