"Attack each day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind."

The Super Bowl was exciting this year for a few reasons. It was a match-up between a veteran squad and a rookie quarterback that proved worthy of the hype after the 49ers came back from twenty points behind to within six yards of winning the biggest game in football. But, probably the top story from the Super Bowl was the clash of two brothers.

The two Harbaugh sons were told every morning by their father to "attack [the] day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind."

I’m a firm believer that motivation comes from within – it only takes the hint of an idea and the enthusiasm to act on that idea to make a dream reality.

We are constantly making excuses for ourselves – I am as guilty of this as anyone. There are always reasons to be too tired, too cold or too sore to get up and do something, but time is one thing we never get back. If enthusiasm is a gift we shouldn’t waste it.

I challenge you to go a month without talking yourself out of doing something. Take February to make yourself a better person and to put yourself in a better situation.