“We are very excited to provide another Habitat home for a well-deserving person. We look forward to building many more to come.”

Amy Shupe of St. James received the keys to the Habitat for Humanity home at 202 Fifth St. S. in St. James following a dedication ceremony on Monday, Feb. 11.

“We are very excited to provide another Habitat home for a well-deserving person. We look forward to building many more to come,” said Habitat for Humanity of South Central Minnesota (HHSCM) executive director Julie Schmillen.

According to Schmillen, donations, in-kind building materials and volunteer labor are the driving force behind HHSCM’s ability to build homes at an affordable price. This house was the one hundred and second home built by HHSCM. Shupe purchased the home through a zero percent interest mortgage, from which monthly mortgage payments are used to build more Habitat homes.

Shupe said she was excited for the adventure of owning a new house. She moved into the home on Wednesday with the help of family and friends.

She is especially excited about the nice hardwood floors she and Renee Aguilar installed together as a part of her 200 “Sweat Equity” hours in the construction of her home. In a statement by Shupe at the dedication ceremony, she said:

“The most meaningful moment for me was when my friend Renee and I installed the flooring. It was meaningful to me because we did it together but also because we did it on our own. We tried something new and we did it right. It felt good to be able to do something useful and productive with my friend. I think we both had a good time working on the floor and we will have as much fun working on hers.”

Shupe wanted to give a special thanks to Gene Kovacs, Renee Aguilar, Devon Aguilar, Adrianna Aguilar, Lilyana Aguilar, Tutyana Aguilar, Mary Shupe, all habitat staff, all volunteers, Melissa Jocoby and Paul Jocoby, who helped her to stay positive through the whole process of purchasing a home through Habitat for Humanity.

HHSCM will be hosting an all you can eat pizza event on Tuesday, April 9, 2013, at Jake’s Pizza in St. James.

The event will cost $9 and includes all you can eat pizza as well as a silent auction. Proceeds from the event will benefit the habitat home construction. Donations are tax deductible and HHSCM is also looking for gift certificates or items to include in the silent auction.

Any questions can be directed at Sue Ostendorf 507-388-2081. Donations can be dropped off at the habitat office at 1751 Bassett Drive, Mankato.