The council meeting was shorter than usual, lasting just more than 15 minutes. It is available online for the first time at the city website at

The St. James City Council regular Feb. 19 meeting was streamed online for the first time.

Minutes were approved unanimously along with all consent items without much discussion. Consent items included a Crime prevention conference in Brooklyn Park for officer Martin and an ambulance non allowance for vehicle unlock in the amount of $25.

A license for the purpose of 3.2 percent malt liquor on and off sales and cigarette sale was approved by the St. James City Council for Las Americas JJ Smart Savings at 412 First Avenue South in St. James. This license was approved unanimously.

The Melendez Hearing was rescheduled for March 5, to give Melendez the proper time to prepare for the meeting according to the ordinance.

As stated in the last meeting, Mi Teirra broke a city ordinance by serving alcohol after hours. According to the ordinance, all alcohol must be off the table by 2 a.m Council members will decide what administrative action they will take against the restaurant at the public hearing. There are basically five avenues of action the council could have pursued:
1) They could do nothing.
2) They could wait until the criminal process is done and then decide what action to take.
3) They could set a hearing so Melendez has the opportunity to explain.
4) They could take his license.
5) They could suspend his license for a period of time.

Council members believe it is important that Mendez is heard, so they decided to schedule the public hearing and decide then what action should be taken.

“Melendez knew the hours when he could serve and not,” said Police Chief Mark Carvatt. “It was evident that he knew the hours and his story was that someone told him he could – I want you to take that into account.”

Carvatt also told the council they had investigated the explanation they were given by Melendez, and found that he was not told by any city employees that he could serve alcohol later than the ordinance permits.

Raymond Hector from the Street and Parks Department requested four bids for projects in the park system.

1) A complete rebuild of the campground shelter.
2) Reroof the bathrooms at the campgrounds.
3) Reroof the railroad club building.
4) Reroof the swimming pool bath house.

The roofing projects were requested to be done in steel, to limit the maintenance costs of the project and the long term effectiveness of the project.

“We’re going to look both ways, but we’re really looking hard for steal maintenance wise,” said Hector.

Council Members approved unanimously to receive bids for the projects.

Pool, Campground and Picnic Shelter Rates were set for 2013 with some changes. The seasonal campground rate was increased from $1,350 to $1,400 and the non-profit rate of $15 on the picnic shelter rate. This $15 rate applied to non-profit use of the shelter is half that of other use of the shelter.

The St. James Police department requested that Kyle Jones would be hired as a full-time police officer for the department. Jones has passed his background and physiological check and was approved unanimously to join the department.

Jones is reportedly excited to get started, and will be starting the first week of March.

City Council voted unanimously to receive bids to purchase a pickup truck to replace the 1999 F-150 in use now, with 95,000 miles. This item was budgeted for purchase in the amount of $35,000. The light department has not received a new truck since 2007.

The council meeting was shorter than usual, lasting just more than 15 minutes. It is available online for the first time at the city website at