“The Chillabration was so profitable and so successful the board has already decided they want to do a second annual event,” said Johnson.

The First Annual Freeze your Caboose Chillabration couldn’t be described as anything but a success. Thousands of dollars were raised for charity, hundreds of people came out for the fun events, and dozens of prizes were given away. In the words of the St. James Chamber of Commerce Director Tabitha Johnson, the Chillabration was “fab-fabulous.”

“The Chillabration was so profitable and so successful the board has already decided they want to do a second annual event,” said Johnson.

There were 39 participants in the polar plunge, which raised more than $6,000 for charities, 107 participants in the Freeze Your Caboose Run, and 58 participants in the ice fishing contest.

Other events included Turkey Bowling, the Monster Band Food Stand and a Bag Tournament.

Turkey Bowling had a large turnout at both the adult and youth levels. One of the youth participants even bowled a Turkey Bowling Turkey, getting three strikes in a row!

The adult winners of the Turkey Bowling contest were John Schmidt, Len Daren and Harold Wolle of the Lions Club team. They each received the first prize of $75 in gift cards. The Mikkelson crew came in second and third prize went to the Boeve team.

Youth winners for the event were Anna Egglad and Tanner Olson, who each received a gift card.

The Bean Bag Toss Tournament had three teams for six total people participating. The game was especially challenging as the bags became cold and wet. They began to slip from the boards and it took a special precision to get one to glide into the hole.

The winner of that event was the team of Steve White. They won in a double elimination tournament and received 50 chamber bucks.

Providing food for the entire day was the Monster Band. Youth volunteers served food at Memorial Park with an ATV shuttling Pizza Hut Pizza back and forth from the Ice Fishing Contest and back. They were given a donation of $150 for their time.

Also taking place at memorial park was sledding and a snowman contest. Sledders worked their way up and down the hill all day, and were there even past the end of the Ice Fishing Tournament at 4 p.m. This was probably due to the wonderful weather during the weekend events.

The winners of the snowman contest built Snoopy’s dog house, equipped with a lackadaisical snoopy atop the roof.

Johnson hopes to continue the tradition of a strong winter celebration next year, with a few changes. She is hoping the events can be at a centralized location next year to allow for more participation during the Ice Fishing contest and Polar Plunge events. There is also talk of making a beer tent available to help with the kickball tournament and snow bags. Overall, Johnson said she is very happy with the way the Chillabration celebration turned out, and grateful for those businesses that helped make it possible.

More photos of all of the events are available online at the Plaindealer website.