There will be about ten stands this year and the celebration has raised nearly $3,000 for the area in the past. The request was accepted unanimously.

The St. James City Council met Tuesday, May 7, at their regularly scheduled meeting.

Owen Todd from Bolton and Menk made a presentation in regard to utility work being proposed for Tenth Ave. N and Eleventh St. N, St. James, in preparation of the County State Aid project which is scheduled for 2014.

The roads will be closed in that area while the project is ongoing but will re-open before school begins said Todd. Todd also believes the project should easily be done as a whole by mid-October.

The total cost for the project is estimated to come in at $354,493.70. Some of these project costs are eligible for reimbursement by the county.

The St. James City Council approved a motion to advertise for bids on the project unanimously.

The Street and Park Department is requesting a new front mount mower for the park department. This is a budgeted item and the current mower will be sent to the water department.

“We do this every two years,” said City Street and Parks Superintendent Ray Hector. “We take our oldest and give it to another department.”

The city will be trading in the oldest of their fleet for a new mower, which will reduce the cost a little. The city council members approved the request to receive bids unanimously.

Doc Durheim of St. James Publishing met with the St. James City Council to discuss the first avenue closings for the Hot Dog Days celebration.

Durheim requested that portions of first avenue be closed from 10:30 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. on Saturday, May 18.

There will be about ten stands this year and the celebration has raised nearly $3,000 for the area in the past.  The request was accepted unanimously.

Two new ordinances were approved unanimously and will be in effect upon printing.

The first is an amendment to an ordinance which passed last month limiting the hours of business for those restaurants serving liquor, beer and non-intoxicating malt liquor to the hours of operation which coincide with the hours of sale of liquor.

Businesses that serve liquor would have to be closed from the hours of 1:30 a.m. until 8 a.m. while the sale of liquor is prohibited according to this ordinance.

The amendment read that a restaurant whose primary business is the sale of food, may open at the commencement of its regular business hours, but may not sell alcohol, beer, wine or non intoxicating malt liquor until such time as is allowed by law.

The other ordinance approved Tuesday was for a change which allows businesses with seating for 25 guests to purchase a 3.2 alcohol license. This meets the state statute which allows for businesses with 25 guests to have 3.2 alcohol licenses.

With the passing of this second ordinance, the city council was able to approve a liquor license request from the Stray Cat, who will begin selling on sale wine.

Other Business:

Passed consent items which will send Molly Westman and Steve Carson to a continuing education program in Redwood Falls at the cost of twenty dollars each and will send Carson, Hector, Nelson, Poulson, S. Firchau and Minich to the Minnesota Wastewater Operators Association  Southwest/Southeast Joint Section meeting in New Ulm at the registration fee cost of $20 each.

The Board of Equalization met and the city will be adjusting their budget accordingly.

Presentation was made involving the Elected Officials Handbook and NIMS Policy.