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  • Buzz named outstanding St. James Rotarian

  • Michael “Buzz” Purdy was named the outstanding St. James Rotarian for 2012. Here is the nomination that was submitted in order for him to receive the award:
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  • Michael “Buzz” Purdy was named the outstanding St. James Rotarian for 2012. Here is the nomination that was submitted in order for him to receive the award:
    I am pleased to nominate Michael “Buzz” Purdy as the outstanding St. James Rotarian. Buzz is committed to the Rotary cause and exhibits his commitment in many and fun ways. He is seen as our club personality that drives our fund raising events, support for the Rotary Foundation and creates a fun atmosphere for all of our meetings.
    Buzz is the driving force behind the Rotary Rose Sale, Ball Drop and Golf Tournament. These events are the significant fund raising efforts for our club which allow us to financially support community projects. We sell over 600 dozen Roses which requires a significant amount of prodding and paper work to keep track of the sales. Buzz is the organizer for this yearly event and the cheer leader that helps us meet our selling goals. The Ball drop is a joint project with the Chamber of Commerce and School District 840 Foundation. Buzz leads the charge in getting the tickets to all of the members to sell and works with the Rotarians to make sure that we do our fair share of the work. He also assists with the golf tournament. Over $ 15,000.00 is raised between the ball drop and the golf tournament due in part to his organizational and cheer leading skills.
    The Rotary Foundation is one of Buzz’s mantra’s… he strongly encourages every member to donate at least $100 a year to the Foundation. He keeps the foundation at the forefront of our meetings and challenges members to become a Paul Harris fellow.
    At every meeting Buzz makes sure that the Rotarians that have been recognized in the community are also recognized by the club (fining members for anything and everything). His fines are one of the standard parts of our meeting – recognizing the important parts of our community and personal life with a dollar fine/donation to the club.
    Buzz assists and works at all of the Rotary events from the delivery of meals on wheels – when Rotary is scheduled and when they need additional help to the ditch walk. He is a committed Rotarian and takes seriously his job of keeping members active and involved. He will even fine himself if he has missed an activity or event.
    He is also a unique Rotarian in that he received Father’s Day Cards from every state in the union and even European countries this past father’s day. This was organized by other Rotary members and done to both honor and poke fun at the man that creates the fun for our club.
    Buzz is a Rotarian with a great sense of humor that he shares and brightens the day for all Rotarians in St. James at our weekly meetings. But most of all he is committed to the ideals of Rotary and helps to keep our club membership active and engaged. His presence and participation give added value to our club.
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