The service to mankind award is given each year to honor an individual in the community for outstanding service to the St. James Area.

Marion Edgar has long been active in the St. James community. This year she is being recognized with the Sertoma Club Service to Mankind Award.

The service to mankind award is given each year to honor an individual in the community for outstanding service to the St. James Area. Edgar will receive her award at the Sertoma Club Banquet this Sunday, June 23 at 3 p.m. The event will take place at the Presbyterian Church in St. James, with an open house from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Edgar has been a volunteer at Pleasant View and Brandt Ridge since 2008.

During her time volunteering, she reads and plays trivia with residents.

“It’s nice just being with the people and listening to them,” said Edgar. “They all have stories to tell you.”

The residents at Pleasant View have even taught Edgar a few card games that she has been able to play with them throughout her years volunteering with the group. She said she enjoys meeting all of the residents and that’s why she continues to volunteer at Pleasant View and Brandt Ridge.

She is a founding member of the Pioneer Club and worked in the banking business since 1957. She retired as the Vice President at Pioneer Bank, but continues to be active in her community.

During her time working at banks in St. James, Edgar quickly became a key player in the banking business. She was the founding member of the group Senior partners, which was created to do senior activities. The group enjoyed the job so much, many of the members stuck around even though the group was designed to rotate board members every three to six months.

Senior Partners was even featured in a Twin Cities Live television show in February of 1989.

As a member of the banking community, Edgar was awarded the President’s Award in recognition and appreciation for her dedicated services to the Minnesota Bankers Association for volunteering from 1990 to 1995. Edgar said she has really enjoyed working at Pioneer Bank with all of the wonderful people she had the privilege of knowing. When she stepped down, the small bank in which she began her career had 75 employees and was expanding to the Mankato area.

Edgar was awarded certificates for her effort and leadership in helping make the homestead cooperative of St. James a reality in 1994 and for her service as the Rotary president in 1993 and 1994. Edgar also served on the St. James Planning Commission and was on the board of Star City. She was the long-time Treasurer for the St. James chapter of the Watonwan County Historical Society and a past president for that club and has been on numerous other boards, commissions and a member/president of many other organizations.

As a founding member of the Pioneer Club, Edgar has managed to mix business with pleasure – planning dozens of trips to places all around the world. The first tour of the Pioneer club took place in October of 1987 with a trip to the Ozarks. There were 40 participants in that trip. These trips take place all over the United States and, in fact, the world.

Edgar has become such a staple in St. James since she first moved here in 1972, that the city proclaimed June 15, 2005 Marion Edgar Day.

In what little free time Edgar has, she enjoys working at the church and serving God. She helps cook dinners at the church and prepares financial reports for the church. She is known for her compassion and love of people.

Edgar has a large family including three children, Lorrie, Scott and Susan, five grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. Edgar also has five stepchildren and ten step-grandchildren. Her husband passed away in 2010 and during the time that he spent sick Edgar became a popular piano player at the hospital. She has since began dating Vincent Style and has plans to marry again and continue traveling.

Congratulations to Edgar on this prestigious award that has been a long-time coming to one of the busiest and most accomplished women in the St. James area.