Rail Run has become one of the marquee events of Railroad Days and draws contestants who come from far and wide and who range in age from the very young to the late 60s.

The 29th annual St. James Rail Run was held on a warm, slightly muggy night last Thursday and drew a large crowd of runners, walkers and community members who wanted to run in or view the race and watch the festivities.

Rail Run has become one of the marquee events of Railroad Days and draws contestants who come from far and wide and who range in age from the very young to the late 60s.

Of the 215 people who registered for the race, the youngest entrant was 18 months (no reports on how the baby finished and the child was most likely aided by a parent pushing the stroller along), while the oldest entrant was 69.

Paul Danger had the lowest time in the four mile run with a time of 21:45. Danger also won his age group of men 40-49. Danger holds the Rail Run record in this event, which he set back in 1988 when he was racing in the 18 and under category.

Back from her first year in college Cheyanne Bowers won the women's four mile race with a time of 26:22.

The lowest time in the mile race went to recent St. James graduate Johnathan Surber who beat the field by the proverbial mile with a time of 4:50.

Surber also had the fastest time in the 16-18 men's group in the four mile run with a time of 24:56. The second place time in that age group went to Abraham Bergeman.

A new record was set this year. Stannette Svoboda won the women's division in the 50-59 age group in the four mile run.

Svoboda's time of 27:34 beat the old record of 27:52 set in 1992 by Jeanne Hoagland of Los Angeles, CA. Nona Runge came in second in that age group.
Rail Run official Peter Eggen said, "I always told everyone that I thought that record would never be broken. They are both great runners."

In the four mile run, in the 15 and under division for boys John Roth came in first and Tray Witcraft finished second. On the girls side Emily Haugen finihsed first and Jenna Pavish finished second.

After Bowers first place finish, Jacklyn Friese came in second in the 16-18 group.

In the 19-29 age group, Ben Kocak finished first and Zach Christensen finished second in the men's, while Breau Ness came in first and Megan Romsdahl came in second in the women's.

In the 30-39 bracket the top men's finishers were Jeremy Nachriener and Darrick Miest, while the top woman's finishers were Alicia Fristbrook and Kari Miest.

After Danger in the 40-49 bracket, Andy Pierson finished second for the men, while Peggy Federickson and Amy Bergeman finished one, two for the women.
On the men's side, the 50-59 bracket went to Mark Determan, with a tie for second between Warren Winkelman and Stu Muffield.

Arlan Bratten-Lee and Hugh Belgard finished one, two in the men's 60+ bracket.

In the 15 and under mile results for boys the winner was Lucas Pierson and Jackson Miest finished second. In the girl's division Liana Blomgren finished first and Alayn Theissen finishes second.

Surber won the 16-18 men's and Mary Fixsen won the women's group. Michael Fixsen won the men's 19-29 group and no women competed in that group.

In the 30-39 group Chad Klassen won the men's and Dan Kern finished second. Megan Wassman finished first and Amanda Siem finished second in 30-39.
Kyle Blomgren won the men's 40-49 group while Steve Hawkens came in second. No woman ran in that age group.

In the 50-59 bracket Mark Kocak won it and Steve Jeppson came in second. Marsha Eggen came in first on the women's side.

In the 60+ age group Klinton Firstbrook won the event and Dave Frethan came in second. No women competed in that bracket.

Seth Pierson had the best time in the kids 1/2 mile run when he clocked in at 2:43.

Logan Carlson finished first in the boy's 9-10 year old bracket, while Chloe Mickelson finished first in the girl's race.

The 7-8 year old winners were Cooper Olson and Addie Bowers. The six and under winners were John Bolke and Laney Bowers.