A friendly robin creates an atmosphere of cheer and gladness in our backyard.

We had a bird's nest on our front porch this Spring that hatched three lovely little robins and they all successfully flew the coop.  Lately, while outside, we have a "friend" who will hop around beside us as if interested in what we are doing.  He is also a robin-redbreast and we wondered outloud if he was a baby from the nest at our porch.  

He is very curious, very friendly, and will almost get close enough to let you hand feed him.  But not quite.  Today, as soon as i went outside to sit and have a moment to myself, up on the phone line popped this lovely sweet bird.  He chirped at me a couple of times, then chirped louder in case I missed him.  Then when I said, "hello" to him he started singing.  He serenaded me for the whole ten minutes I was there.  It was amazing.  There I am talking to a bird and the bird starts singing to me.  Nature in harmony, I would say.  Or, maybe too many Mother Goose stories, I am not sure.

We call him "Dave".  It was my friend's idea, she thought that name sounded "cool".  I think it is funny because of the abundances of "Dave's" in the family (3 on one side and 1 on the other).  And really, a little robin can be part of our family so he fits right in!  

If you are in my area any time soon, please stop by for a visit!  If Dave deems you worthy, you might even get a song!