The Butterfield-Odin School Board met last Wednesday night to discuss personnel changes for the upcoming school year.

The Butterfield-Odin School Board met last Wednesday night to discuss personnel changes for the upcoming school year.

On the agenda was one resignation and four positions open for hire. The resignation came from Abby Watson. Watson was the grade four instructor at Butterfield-Odin.

In her resignation letter to the school board, Watson explained that she will be taking a position as a second grade teacher in St. James. She is excited for the opportunity to teach in the same school her children attend, but is thankful for all of the guidance and time she spent in Butterfield.

The school board moved to hire Katrina Meyer as the grade four instructor with a salary of $32,375 a year. This will be the first teaching position for Meyer, who was described as excited for the opportunity to teach.

Next on the agenda was the filling of a position which would be a float instructor at the first, second and kindergarten levels. It was recommended that the board accept the hiring of Jen Harris, but when that decision came to a vote, it failed by a vote of 3-3. No votes came from Board Members Tammy Wolle, Jonee Munning and Leon Wenner.

No explanation was given during the meeting regarding why Harris received three no votes from the school board last Wednesday night.

Harris was described as a super-sub by Superintendent Lisa Shellum, who said that Harris did a good job filling in as a substitute wherever she was asked during the 2012-2013 school year.

The school board and administration weren’t initially clear about how to move forward with the hiring process for this float position after Harris’ bid was rejected. A 3-3 tie is a failed vote according to the guidelines. The position will remain open and personnel will continue to search for a candidate.

Next, the school board accepted a motion to hire Caley Danielson as the new K-12 vocal music teacher. Danielson’s interview was unique, as she was interviewed by personnel via Skype. The motion to hire Danielson was accepted unanimously. Danielson will come to the school from Duluth. This is her first teaching position and she will be starting at the Step 1BA salary of $32,375.

The final hire of the day was Steve Fligge at the .4 social studies position. Fligge comes to Butterfield out of St. Cloud and will be starting at a salary of $12,950. Fligge is excited about starting his career and excited about teaching.