Butterfield-Odin school board met during their regularly scheduled meeting Monday, July 15.

Butterfield-Odin school board met during their regularly scheduled meeting Monday, July 15.

The school board began their meeting by approving the reading of the consent agenda unanimously along with the minutes from previous meetings and financial report.

Superintendent Lisa Shellum told the board that when the fire marshal came through last year and some safety concerns were cited regarding fire exits.

The school board approved a $4,700 door, which will be added near the pop machine on the lower level of Butterfield-Odin to make the school compliant with fire safety standards.

The first reading of student and teacher handbooks took place at the July 15 meeting. The handbooks reportedly did not change much. There were small changes in bus schedules and class time schedules.

No new rules were added, though Superintendent Shellum said they plan on amending the weapon look-alike rule. Currently, weapon look-alikes found on school property result in an automatic five day suspension. With the new change, weapon look-alikes will not be an automatic five day suspension, but will be left to the school's discretion to determine the punishment up to five days of suspension.

There was also a change in the prom section of the manual, opening prom to sophomores, juniors and seniors – not just juniors and seniors.

The Butterfield-Odin School Board approved hiring Ashley Weber as a sixth grade instructor. She will be coming to Butterfield from Ham Lake, Minn. Weber plans on living in St. James and commuting to work. This will be her first teaching position – though she has experience in teaching. She will be starting at the step one salary of $32,375.

There are some concrete issues outside of the building near the elementary school that need fixing. The concrete is cracking and do to safety codes the school has to fix those problems. The board approved the Heffele Construction bid for removal and replacement of concrete per the insurance recommendation for $5,967.

Butterfield-Odin school received bids for milk, dairy products and snow removal. Those bids were presented to school board members Monday. The school didn't have to send out requests for bids on bread this year as the Co-Op in Mankato is bidding out bread for the school.

For milk bids, Dean Food Company came in much lower in every portion but Sour Cream when compared to Kemps. The received bids from Kemps and Dean Food went as follows: Kemps bid .262 for ½ pint skim milk, .269 ½ pint 1 percent, .277 ½ pint chocolate skim; Deans bid .184 for ½ pint skim milk, .179 ½ pint 1 percent, .201 ½ pint chocolate skim firm bids. Dean Foods is located in Sioux Falls and their bid was accepted unanimously.

Linscheid Pump Service was only bidder for snow removal at $60 an hour. That bid was accepted unanimously.

To conclude the meeting, board members approved a motion to authorize the chair or clerk to accept an offer of purchase aid anticipation certificates, series 2013A from Piper Jafray and Co., upon certain specified conditions set forth in master document and awarding unanimously.

Informational Items:

The fall sports pairing meeting will be held Tuesday, July 30 at 7 p.m. All athletes and parents are invited to attend this meeting. Fees for students grades nine through 12 will be $65 each, grades seven and eight will be $40 each. A maximum family limit has been set at $250. Reduced prices will be $20 and $10 respectfully.

Some school board members went to St. Peter, Tuesday, July 16, for a levy workshop. The workshop featured Tom Melcher speaking about board approved levy options, referenda cap changes, equalization rate increases, student per-pupil changes and more. The workship will aid board members in understanding what decision they will need to make in the next few months regarding a school levy and policy changes.

The Butterfield-Odin school district is still searching for another bus driver.
The next regularly scheduled meeting will be held August 19 at 5:30 p.m.