St. James city council met at their regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, July 16.

St. James city council met at their regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, July 16.

The agenda was approved unanimously as written along with minutes from previous meetings.

Consent Items:

The electric department requested to send TJ Becthold to the second course of his Firstline Supervision class. He completed the first session last winter, this is part of a four part course. The item is budgeted and was approved unanimously along with an ambulance write off of $895.

License and Permits:

Los Potros located on First Avenue applied, and was approved, for an on-sale liquor license and Sunday liquor license. Opening no later than Sept. 1. the restaurant will be located in the same building where the Panda Buffet was located.

Ryan Aspeland applied for an affordable landscaping, special water and sewer license. This request was approved unanimously
The city also received an application for a Carreon Kitchen Wagon in the Boston Parking Lot.

"The vending wagon ordinance doesn't give a lot of guidance about where they can go and where they can't go," said EDA Director Molly Westman.
For now, the Carreon Kitchen Wagon is approved for use in the Boston Parking Lot.

New Business:

The city passed a resolution providing for the redemption and prepayment of a portion of the general obligation street reconstruction and utility revenue bonds of 2004. There is excess money in the account in the amount of about $170,000, so the city will be paying back a portion of the bond early.

Fire contracts with townships of Albin, Long Lake, Nelson, St. James, Riverdale, Rosendale, South Branch have been renewed. Contracts will last three years starting in 2014 at $165 each. This is an increase from $155 in the past years.

Ray Hahnfeldt, Jr. has resigned from the HRA board due to the fact that he is moving from the community.

In his letter of resignation, Hahnfeldt said: "The assignment has been a privilege and I appreciate the opportunity to serve as a Board member these past few years and have strived to make a positive contribution to the PHA and St. James."

Hahnfeldt has moved to Florida to enjoy his retirement. There will be a recommendation for a replacement in his position at the next meeting.

Missouri River Energy Services requested that the city enter into a new reserved capacity agreement which will expire May 31,2019. The attorney has reviewed the document and staff recommendations are to approve the resolution. The resolution passed unanimously.

Mediacom has two agreements with the city of St. James, a building/tower lease agreement and a franchise agreement. Currently the terms of the lease agreement are in conflict with the amendment which was entered into as of June 1, 2001. After consultation with Mediacom staff, the city will be entering a new amendment which will terminate the building/tower lease on May 31, 2014.

The franchise agreement is set to terminate as of September 1, 2013 and staff is currently working with Mediacom on a new agreement.

According to Mayor Sturm another company, should they so choose, could bring their services into the community and it would not be in conflict with this agreement.