St. James has a number of activities for families interested in a fun time for both the young and old.

St. James has a number of activities for families interested in a fun time for both the young and old.

City officials have worked hard to ensure that there are monthly activities, concerts and events for the community. There have also been walking paths added along with parks in the St. James Area.

As the summer begins to wind down, now is the best time to take advantage of the time you have left with your family. Here are nine family-fun activities in St. James:

1) A Day at the Pool
Take the family to the outdoor pool here in St. James. The pool will remain open until the end of August. The daily rate for the pool is $3 per person. The pool is open daily from 1 p.m. until 7 p.m. with the slide functioning from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. weather permitting. Family games like "Marco Polo" make fun memories for the whole family.

2) Go on a Bike Ride
Bike rides are good for the family on two fronts: one, bikes are fun to ride around town and two, bikes promote a healthy lifestyle. St. James has a few good bike paths including one which was installed recently and circles St. James Lake. Take the family on a fun ride around the lake and grow closer while enjoying the paths that make there way through nature in the St. James area.

3) Have a Picnic in the Park
Who doesn't like a nice picnic in the park. Here in Minnesota we have to enjoy the nice weather while we have it. With August comes temperate weather and perfect conditions for a nice picnic in the park. The kids can play in the playground while parents enjoy a nice meal outside with the birds.

4) Go See a Movie
Take the kids to see a movie in the Princess Theater. The Princess Theater has a new movie almost every week and for the a cost that is nearly half that of any movies in Mankato. With the addition of a digital projector and new seating, there has never been a better time to take the family to the theater for some big screen fun.

5) Go to a Concert
The Concert in the Park series has started to wrap up, but there is still time to take the family to Memorial Park to see a live concert for free. Musicians range from folk to old rock, but are suitable for the entire family. Enjoy fresh air, free entertainment and a fun time at one of the many St. James Concerts in the Park.

6) Volunteer as a Family
Looking to teach the kids about giving back to the community? Try volunteering at one of the local charities. Organizations are always looking for new volunteers. Take a look in the Plaindealer for articles and opportunities to give back to your community by becoming a volunteer.

7) Library Craft Day
Every Wednesday the library in St. James offers a craft session for kids and families. Take advantage of this free program by simply showing up. If you aren't interested in visiting the library for craft day, visit one of the many local stores where craft and craft supplies can be found and make a day of it on the living room floor.

8) A Photo Fun Day
Tour some of the interesting places and parks of St. James and bring along disposable cameras. Have each person fill their disposable camera with fun photos of each other in different locations in the St. James area. Then have the photos developed and compare each of the photos together.

9) Play a Sport Together
August marks the beginning of the fall sports schedule. Take the kids to one of the football, soccer, basketball or volleyball courts/fields and enjoy the nice weather while you still can. Spend some time tossing the ball around or make up your own game with the kids.