With the start of the new school year just around the corner, the Butterfield-Odin School Board are taking their last steps in preparing for the new year.

With the start of the new school year just around the corner, the Butterfield-Odin School Board are taking their last steps in preparing for the new year.

The school board started their regularly scheduled Monday, Aug. 19 meeting by quickly approving the agenda, financials and payment of the bills unanimously.

School will start Sept. 3 for the high school and Sept. 5 for the elementary school students. The Butterfield-Odin School has big plans for the first day to welcome students back from summer vacation including a party in the lawn to start the day.

Committee Reports:

The different committees that make up subdivisions of the school board then reported on what has taken place during the last month. The sports pairing committee reported that they met Aug. 14 and discussed fall sports. It was described as a positive meeting. Butterfield-Odin School Board members are excited about having 24 members of their school partaking in extra curriculars this fall.

Also discussed at length were the changes which took place in the home economics room in the school. Some construction projects were completed as the school looked to become compliant with safety standards.

Superintendent Lisa Shellum said the school constructed a wall to add space and also added an additional doorway to the area.

Other projects taking place this summer included sidewalk repair and rock being added near the bus garage.

Action Items:

Student collaborative programs like pennies for peace will be charging an extra one dollar per student for services this year. The collaborative has charged $6 per student in the past. The board approved unanimously to pay $7 per student for the service – which they described as important for the school and students alike.

With the 2013-2014 school year approaching, school board members were quick to approve the 2013-2014 elementary, secondary and faculty handbook with just one minor change. The school board asked that they clarify that no one younger than tenth grade will be allowed at the prom.

The rate of pay for subs was increased to meet the demands of the economy. Subs will be paid $100 for a full day of teaching and $50 for a half day. This $10 increase was approved unanimously.

The final bit of business in the action items section was to approve the hiring of Jen Harris as a kindergarten, first and second grade title teacher. This will be a step one hiring at a $32,375 salary and was approved unanimously.

Informational Items:

Some teachers will be returning to school next week as the fall in-service is set to begin quickly. The school board decided Sept. 30 at 2 p.m. would be their board of education workshop date for the fall.

School board members will keep snow-day make-up the same as last year for teachers. This decision came unanimously.

With the enrollment of the school consistently increasing, it became necessary this year to purchase new lockers. There was some debate about where the lockers should be placed, but the school board seemed to settle with the decision that the lockers should be installed somewhere near the main office. Butterfield-Odin Schools ended last year with 228 students and are projected to begin this year with about 240 students.

Lunch prices for adults have increased from $3.25 to $3.35. Students lunch prices are still set at $2.15.

Bread bids were collected through a co-op this year, which has led to the school board getting a good deal on bread prices. Bimbo Bakery's USA was awarded the contract this year for students.