Chef Paul Booth made his annual appearance in district 840 Thursday, providing a sampling of Israeli cuisine in the St. James High School cafeteria during lunch. Abby Grove, the school's food services director, said Booth brings the cuisine of a different country each year, “and the kids love it, because they get to try something they wouldn't normally get.” Students gave the Tel Aviv Kabob bites with shawarma sauce excellent reviews, and they said the food was detinetly unique. Dylan Stoddard, a junior, calls himself an adventurous eater who enjoys sampling different foods. “The meat was really good, and I liked the peppers,” he said. “I've never had a meatball quite like that.” Emily Espinoza and Jennifer Rodriguez--both sophomores--were also impressed. “It was really good, I liked the sauce, (and it was) very well-seasoned,” Espinoza said. “I like trying foods from different cultures to see that that's like.” Rodriguez called the cuisine “good and different,” and said she's already been exposed to many different types of foods because, “My Dad likes to eat really weird things, like frog legs.” Kathy Cedillo, a seventh-grader, praised the “good flavor that tasted kind of sweet,” while Haley Harvitz--also in seventh grade--enjoyed the sweet element but disliked “the mustard taste.” For the full story, please see the November 21 print edition of the St. James Plaindealer.