With Tuesday's city council meeting-being the last of the year, many resolutions were passed and budgets and salaries were set.

The city of St. James passed the resolution with a 5-0 unanimous vote setting the proposed property tax levy and city budget for 2014. The city will have a total tax levy of $1,149,099 for the year. This is up $107,243 from 2013. The increase stems from a rise in the general levy of nearly $98,000, a $5,000 increase in ambulance transfer, an increase in the parks department of over $42,000--the city plans to replace a shelter, and an increase of over $673,000 for the street department--with $624,000 of that being capital equipment. The remaining amount is for black top costs to prepare for seal coating and the seal coating itself.

Decreases to note are a $46,000 decrease from the police and almost $200,000 decrease from the fire department. Fire contracts and airport transfer also went down for a total of nearly $55,000.

Total of all funds for the city budget will be $14,398,718.

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