Lord's & Lady's Hairstyling is back in business, and Owner Sarahi Showalter is doing her best to spread the word; she had a grand re-opening celebration Saturday, and she hosted the St. James Salutators December 10. “This is my dream come true, to one day own my own shop and have a successful business,” Showalter said. At the moment, Showalter is a one-woman band, but she hopes to eventually add staff as the salon becomes busier. “You need to build up that client base, first,” she said. “So far, it's been going really good; it's very busy in the afternoon, but slower in the morning.” She has two goals, one more short-term, and the other more long-term. First, she wants to make the salon walk-in friendly. “I want to bring more of a walk-in base,” she said. “Not a lot of people have that here in town, and I want people to feel they can just walk-in.” In the long term, she wants to make Lord's & Lady's into more of a spa and salon, rather than just a salon. Showalter, 23, said her parents moved to St. James when she was three, and both her mother, Estela, and her brother, Wilmer, were customers of the shop under previous ownership. “That's how we got to know the owner,” she said. The owner, Twyla Grefe, always wanted Showalter to work for her at the salon, “but I wanted to feel the big city.” So, Showalter spent three years working in a Mankato salon, and Grefe died of cancer only a few days after Showalter made an offer on Lord's & Lady's in July. The sale closed in August, and Showalter re-opened the shop November 27. “It was a rushed decision and an impulse buy--one of those do it now-or- never deals,” she explained. “Lots of people told me (Grefe) was glad I bought the shop. She has no plans to change the name, she said, “because it's been that way forever.” “I want to keep the tradition going, because this place has had an amazing reputation,” she said. “Everything is still the same, just a different owner.” The time between closing the sale in August and opening in November was hardly glamorous, she said. “It's been lots of inspections and paperwork, the kind of stuff nobody likes to deal with.” During the meeting with the salutators last week, Molly Westman asked Showalter, “You couldn't use what was here before?” Showalter said she could not, and she had to obtain new licenses and permits. Despite the challenges of getting started, she has no regrets. “If I had to do it again, I'd do it in a heartbeat,” she said. Showalter graduated from the Cosmetology Training Center in Mankato, which she called “a very popular school.” Since she's only 23 and only recently out of school, she has a firm grasp of in-the-moment trends. “Longer hair is coming back into style, and you see more dark, natural colors this time of year,” she said. “But, there are also some funky colors on tips--it's definitely out there, and people are trying funky things in all the colors of the rainbow.” “Vintage styles, like Marilyn Monroe's curls, are coming back, as are French Twists,” she added. A French Twist is an “updo” style created by gathering hair in a low ponytail and twisting the ponytail upward until it turns in on itself against the head; it is then secured with pins, clips, sticks or a comb. Originally from Mexico, Showalter said her family tries to visit the country every year to see her father's side of the family--who still lives there. She's also bilingual, and Salutator Jim Paulson noted, “That's a plus for you here.” “We wish you the best, and it's good to have you in business,” Paulson added. Hours for the shop are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, and evenings by appointment. The shop also has tanning packages available. People interested in the salon can visit the shop's Facebook page, or call 507-942-7449. Showalter lives with her husband, Brandon, and a Chihuahua-Dachshund mix named Brody, whom she calls “a spoiled puppy who melts your heart.”