I have finally began to get accustomed to the city of St. James and the routine of my job here as a staff writer, but I am sad to say I will be making my exit at the St. James Plaindealer. I loved meeting everyone that I had the pleasure of getting to know and work with and I enjoyed every minute of being a reporter. Work days flew by, because I genuinely loved what I was doing and I was finally able to put all of my skills I learned in college to good use.

My first day coming in to this job I was terrified. Terrified, but excited. This was my first "journalism" job I had ever had--I graduated with a degree in mass communications with a public relations emphasis and have mostly worked in marketing since. I was ready to be challenged everyday and I was. I learned more here at this job in six weeks than I have in most jobs in years. I am so fortunate to have had this opportunity and I believe it will help me tremendously in my future career.

Opportunities arise in life, as we all know, and there are difficult decisions that have to be made. As much as I enjoyed working at the Plaindealer for the short time that I did, an opportunity arose that I couldn't pass up.

I took a position at Commodity Services in Fairmont. This is a good move for me, being I live right in Fairmont, but also because their company is growing and expanding. The 30-minute commute to St. James will now turn into a one minute commute to my new job. With my three-month old son being in daycare in Fairmont it also makes me feel more at ease that I am close by if he would ever me.

I've learned so much in my six weeks here at the paper, and I wish the best to whomever they choose to hire to fill my position.

Thank you to everyone in St. James for making me feel so welcome and helping me to adapt to this job so easily. I will miss it!