Though California Chrome came up empty in his Triple Crown bid at Belmont Park, horses in Watonwan County--and their riders--claimed a victory during Tuesday’s Watonwan County board of commissioners meeting.

Blanka Thornton and members of the South Central Minnesota Equine Express want to ride horses in Eagle’s Nest park, and Thornton and others have taken it upon themselves to clean and clear the overgrown trails. Thornton, who moved to the area four years ago and has horses, and the group are also asking for trails to be marked accordingly.

The ordinance says, “A person may ride or lead a horse or pack animal in a park only on trails and areas posted and designated for such use.”

The board agreed to continue to allow members of the equine club to maintain the trails and to begin setting up the proper signs.

Commissioner Scott Sanders said the parks are meant to be enjoyed by all, and he’d like to see these residents enjoy the park how they see fit.

For the full recap of Tuesday's meeting, please see the June 5 print edition of the St. James Plaindealer.