Fire Department Pensions Increased at Butterfield Council Meeting

At the Butterfield City Council meeting on Monday, the city council elected to increase fire department pensions from $750 per year of service, to $900.  The city put extra money than what was the required levy amount for the increase.

 “It’s a good faith thing we’ve always done because we have a great service here that we wouldn’t want to lose,” said mayor Kenny Pankratz.  “It’s an investment that keeps us ahead of the game.”

A hot topic of discussion was the idea of potentially allowing motorized vehicles, specifically golf carts, onto the city’s trail, but because of a Minnesota Department of Natural Resources response, Butterfield will continue to classify the trail as is, and will begin to enforce the motorized vehicle law more strictly.

Another talking point at the meeting was road signs, both renovations required by the state on old signs, and the possibility of adding more speed limit signs on County Road 5.  Cars and trucks speed through the area at around 45 miles per hour, even though the posted limit is 30 and even 10 in some locations.  Law enforcement may start to patrol the area more closely to crack down on offenders. 

The city has been working towards repairing or replacing the roof of the control structure at the pond, which has been letting water in.

The purchase of a vacuum truck from St. James--at a bargain price of $15,000--which the council had discussed last month, was officially approved.

The council decided to purchase two new pumps from Dakota Pump.  By taking care of both pumps at once the city will save close to $4,000.  Both of the pumps currently in use are 40 years old, and have done their jobs and then some.

There will be a special city council meeting, tentatively scheduled for July 28, where the council will discuss the 2013 audit, will finalize the step system and job descriptions for next year, and will discuss the city policy handbook that has been in the works for some time.

For the full recap of Monday's meeting, please see the July 17 print edition of the St. James Plaindealer.