The Butterfield City Council held their monthly meeting on Monday evening.

The Butterfield City Council held their monthly meeting on Monday evening.  At the meeting, the city council responded to a request by Buckshots to add a law to allow Sunday liquor sales onto the ballot this fall, a motion that passed, but not unanimously. 

The city also approved of a budget of $64,000 for street repairs in the city.  Although it won’t make conditions perfect, the money will work as a patch job for some of the most concerning spots.

The city set a new policy for frozen water lines in the winter.  With many cities in the area adjusting their policies in response to this year’s harsh winter, now seemed like a good time to be proactive.  The council looked at recent ordinances from the cities of Warren, Franklin, and Brownsdale for ideas.  They will be mailing out a description of the changes in the near future.

There will be a meeting at the St. James fire station between a few of the cities in Watonwan County, where new street signs will be discussed.  Butterfield will send a representative to the meeting, where the group will decide whether or not to join a group in order to get a potential discount.  Street signs were a topic at last months city council meeting.

The Butterfield City Council will be working on the 2015 budget in the coming month, with a work session scheduled for August 27 at 5:30 p.m..