Story Submitted by Middle/Senior High School Principal Karla Beck

October 11, 2016

     “It looks like the project is for real” was the comment last week from a teacher after seeing the brick overlay on the Science/Art wing of the High School. While all the construction equipment, tall cranes, holes in the ground and construction crews have been present for weeks, it was this visible step that made the building and renovation project seem permanent and here to stay. Students, staff and community were all amazed at the process of placing dozens of 33,000 pound pre-cast panels in place for the gym addition. The crane operator worked in accord with a construction member whose responsibility it was to attach the large hooks over the top of the panels. In what looked like a deceptively simple task, the panels were placed side-by-side. Security around this task was tight with no one allowed in the facility as the panels were placed along the east side of the building. Details for the interiors of both Northside and the High School are being finalized. Carpet, tile and paint samples have been explored and chosen. Upon entering both buildings, students and visitors will feel a sense of “Red and Black Saints Pride.” This will be reflected in the new furnishings at Northside in the eight new classrooms and media center as well.