To kick off the 2017 year the St. James City Council swore in their council members. Two new faces at the table will be council member Ray Hahnfeldt, who is taking over the spot that Josh Haseman had occupied. The second new face will be the new city manager Sam Hansen, who is taking the place of Joe McCabe.

The first thing on the agenda was for Gary Sturm, Ray Hahnfeldt, and Don Mackey to swear in. After the council had accepted the appointments for the 2017 year, the meeting speed along till the end.

With a St. James police officer resigning, the council gave the police department permission to hire who they see fit for the vacant position.

From now on city council meetings will be on the first and third Tuesday of the month at 5:30p.m. instead of at 7 p.m. If problems were to arise from the general public this time could be changed, it is important to make things easier to the general public.