Early on the morning of January 28 at around 7:10 a.m. the Watonwan County Sheriff’s Office responded to a possible home invasion where a firearm was involved in Fieldon Township. They were responding to a call from David Allen Pettersen who told dispatch that he had fired a handgun at a grey vehicle that was leaving his property after an attempted burglary.

On the way to the scene the deputy spotted what appeared to be a vehicle that matched a description of the vehicle involved in the incident.

After stopping the vehicle the deputy noticed three men inside, Kyle Nason, Nicolas Embertson, and Cornelius Ayers Jr. Nason was suffering from a broken ankle, Embertson appeared to be unconscious and Ayers did not have any injuries.

At the hospital, investigators spoke to Nason, he stated that they went to Pettersen’s house to “case” it for a future burglary. They first checked all of the doors which were locked. Embertson and Ayers boosted Nason up onto the deck where he was confronted by Pettersen. Nason then jumped off the deck, a ten foot drop, in an attempt to fleeand upon landing, Nason injured his ankle. All three men made it back to the vehicle to leave the residence. Embertson was driving and Nason heard two loud bangs as they were leaving. Embertson was hit by one of the shots fired and lost consciousness and went off the driveway. Nason then jumped in the driver’s seat and continued to drive out of the driveway.

Pettersen stated that he was in bed when he heard somebody attempting to open a door to his house. He looked out the window of his bedroom, which leads directly onto the deck, and saw somebody walk by. Pettersen opened the door and confronted Nason who then jumped off the deck. He saw Nason crawling away. Pettersen then went back to his bedroom and retrieved a .45 caliber handgun. He saw the vehicle drive in front of him. When the it was approximately 10 feet away Petterson attempted to shoot the front driver’s side tire, he fired the .45 two or three times at the vehicle as it was driving past him.

The next day Pettersen was arrested and booked into the Watonwan County Jail on charges of manslaughter in the second degree and reckless discharge of a firearm.

For more information please see the February 2 print edition of the St. James Plaindealer.