For members of the Saintettes dance team there is one event a year that jumps off the calendar, the Extravaganza. Since the dance team in St. James is not officially a Minnesota State High School League sport the kids look forward to this one event every year. This event has a little bit of something for everybody. Kids as young as first graders are performing for the audience, to the more advanced high school team. The Saintettes also danced to all sorts of different music as well, from hip hop to country.

One of the more humorous dances was the one that featured the wrestling team as well. The wrestlers filled onto the stage to partake in a partner dance with members of the Saintettes.
With this being the last Extravagnaza for a number of Saintette dancers, the seniors were honored.  Before the event started the senior were asked to write their coach, Beth Johnson, a letter stating why they were in dance. These letters were read out loud by the Masters of Ceremonies, Lucas Fredin and Brady Stevens.

Johnson also talked about all of the progress that they have made in the past year. This includes improvements to their dance room. This used to be the old band room in the Armstrong School. They have painted the entire room and put up mirrors so they can see themselves dancing. “It really feels like home now,” said Johnson.

One of the highlights of the night was the Munchkin Dance. In this dance the performers laid on the floor and let the curtain come down on their waist. They also put shoes on their hands, so it appears that the performer is tiny. One by one somebody from behind the curtain would yank on their legs and pull someone back through the curtain. This was the only routine that MC’s Fredin and Stevens participated in, and ironically enough, they were the last two munchkins left on stage.

To wrap up the event the Extravaganza always ends with the famous light show. Every light in the auditorium is shut off so that the entire stage and seating area is pitch dark. The dancers each have glow stick that changes colors, after a dazzling display the girls finished with their glowsticks outlining the number ‘17 to honor the seniors of this years Extravaganza.

For more information please see the February 9 print edition of the St. James Plaindealer.