On February 9, 2017, St. James Police Officer Chad Schlichte spoke a 16 year old St. James High School student who was being harassed at McDonald’s by the husband of his translator at school, Denisse Ramirez.

Upon speaking further with the victim, it became clear that Ramirez had worked as the victim’s interpreter. At first the two did not talk very much, but that began to change. Eventually Ramirez began to tell the victim about her troubles with her husband. She also wrote down here personal cell phone number on the victim’s notebook.

The two began making contact through the school email. After awhile Ramirez told the victim that the school might find out, so they should talk on the phone instead. Not long after that, Ramirez began sending messages to the victim saying that she liked him, and the victim said the he liked her back.

One night in November, 2016 Ramirez invited the victim to her house. They were both sitting on the couch in Ramirez’s home. She got close to the victim and then straddled him. She gave the victim two hickeys. After awhile Ramirez told the victim that she wanted to have sex with him. The victim declined because he did not have any condoms.

Approximately a week after this incident Ramirez dropped off some condoms at the victim’s house, but the victim threw them away. The communications between the two continued, even after the victim told Ramirez that he liked someone else. She had also sent the victim explicit pictures and told him she was waiting in bed for the victim.
On a later date, the victim was in the hallway at school taking a test when Ramirez approached him and kissed him on the cheek. Around Christmas time Ramirez gave the victim a card and a box of chocolate. The card told the victim to have a good Christmas and that she loved him, and the victim threw away the card. After Christmas break, Ramirez was no longer Victim’s interpreter.

On February 11, 2017 Denisse Ramirez was arrested. She refused to provide a statement at the time, and this matter is still under investigation.