The Watonwan County Towards Zero Deaths held their monthly meeting on July 24, at the St. James Fire Dept. One of the main points on the agenda was to make a plan to paint buckle up paintings on buildings in St. James since they cannot be painted on the roadways. The TZD is looking for people to volunteer to paint and businesses to lend their building’s exterior for the painting. Madelia recently held their event and with the help of volunteers and someone lending a paint sprayer they were able to paint the painting in multiple locations Madelia is a community that takes TZD seriously.

The Madelia Police Department is also the only police department in Watonwan County that does TZD enforcements. This means that the state of Minnesota through a federal grant pays the Madelia Police Department for officers to come in on their days off to enforce TZD enforcement laws on the highways. Each month what the officers focus on changes these violations include distracted driving speeding drunk driving and others. The organizations will also be at the Roundabout Rodeo which is scheduled for August 31, from 4-7pm. One of the main things that group hopes to do during this time is to do something that is similar to what was done when Mankato’s roundabouts were installed. TZD hopes to use the time people are at the roundabout rodeo waiting to simulate driving through the roundabout as a time to educate people about some things to pay attention to. Some of things that were brought up by the organization would be things like teaching people about distracted driving. Some other issues are wearing your seatbelt or what to do if you get into an accident while in the roundabout.

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