The two men who were arrested at the St.James McDonald’s last week appeared in front of a Watonwan County district court judge on Tuesday, July 25 for their initial appearance. Nathan Ortiz, and Michael Falcon are both being charged with Felony kidnaping after an alleged incident took place before they were arrested at McDonald’s.

Ortiz was interviewed again and according to the complaint he was presented with the information from victim one. After this happened the complaint states “He then admitted that he prevented Victim one from leaving. He admitted that he lied in his earlier statement. He said that he only did the things he did because he was afraid that Falcon would beat him up if he didn’t help him.”

It is alleged that Falcon assaulted the victim and the victim could not run away because Ortiz grabbed the victim’s arms and pushed the victim into a bedroom where the assault continued. The victim was able to leave after the defendants were not paying attention and made it to his neighbors house. The victim told the neighbor what had happened and asked if they would call 911. Eventually the neighbor saw the defendants leave the home of the victim and walk down the street towards McDonalds the neighbor then followed them to McDonalds where the Police came and detained Ortiz and Falcon. When first interviewed Ortiz said according to the complaint “ He(Ortiz) was only there because Falcon made him go. He confirmed that Falcon struck victim one repeatedly. He denied that he prevented victim one from leaving.”

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