The two highlights of this months most recent Butterfield-Odin school board meeting was the debate on proceeding to hire Jeff Whitney as a Special Assignment Teacher for the 2017-2018 school year. Concerns were raised about the eligibility of Whitney’s credentials for the position, and that he lacked certification in key areas. However the motion to hire him passed with the narrow margin, 4-3 on the vote. Concerns regarding vehicles in the school board were also raised. A snow management vehicle has been tabled until it can be determined if the snow blowing attachment the school currently owns should be repaired or replaced. A school bus currently in the district’s possession is also going to be sold, and how it will be sold is being determined.

The school bus may be sold through the district website, or it may be put on sale through a community sales board or website. the bus being sold is bus #3, and its 2 way radio system is also being sold

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