Two Watonwan County teens competed in the Battle of the Books this past weekend, August 12, in St. Peter. Every person at the event got a special treat and especially for the teens participating as Evelyn Skye, who wrote one of the books titled “Crown's Game" sent in a video message saying hi and good luck to all who participated.

The two teens who competed were Mikayla Clipperton from St. James and Lincoln Reynolds from Mountain Lake. Both teens had to read four books before the event. The books that they had to read were Chomp by Carl Hiaasen Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken Crown's Game by Evelyn Skye and March Book 1 by John Lewis. The books were available to order from the library as early as June and each teen received their free copy of the book in July.

Megan Karau the Children’s Librarian for the Watonwan County Library was also in atten- dance at the event as a judge, described the way

the competition works by saying, “a committee gets together and writes ques- tions ranging from easy to difficult on each book. Each book gets a total of 15 questions. At the com- petition teams of 4 are given the questions and are awarded points if they get the answer correctly. The answers must be spelled correctly and have the exact wording of the book. Each member of the winning team gets a $100 gift card to Amazon. “ 

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