What used to be the old First National Bank building on First Avenue South in St. James has been the home of Thrivent Financial for the last 4 years.

Thrivent Financial a faith based business that helps people with their financial needs at any point in their lives, has a program that not many people may know about.

The Thrivent Action Teams, which is a pro- gram that Thrivent mem- bers age 16 and older are eligible for, something Tim Flitter the Thrivent Representative for St. James is hoping will be a way to help the St. James community.

All adult Thrivent members are eligible for up to $500 per year to spend on community service projects. They are broken up in to two cards each worth up $250 on volunteer service projects. These cards can be spent to help people do repairs on their homes in their neighborhoods or do things like purchasing food so non profit organizations can use it for fundraising. A particular thing that Flitter hopes to do in St.James is to help community members make repairs to their homes and to do some- thing that is a main priority of a recent housing initiative and that is to preserve and expand the existing housing stock in St. James. This is something that St. James EDA Director Jamie Scheffer is looking forward to work- ing with Flitter on. Scheffer said “Through the healthy housing initiative, led by the City’s Housing Committee and contracted artists, we were able to complete 35 healthy home assessments and now have a list of common small repairs that are needed. A good example is that a lot of homes are in need of dehumidifiers, or just need one window repaired. The housing committee looks forward to teaming up with Tim and his clients on match- ing these funds to homes that need assistance with these small repairs.” 

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