What started off as a rumor had St. James community members in a panic and rightfully so. After it was rumored on Facebook that long time businesses like Schmidt’s Bakery, Johnson’s Meat Market, and Nelson’s Furniture would be closing soon, rumors began to be speculated on the reason why they would be closing.

Johnson’s Meat Market owner Dustin Johnson first heard about the rumors when customers came into his St. James store and asked why he was closing. He then had customers asking him in his Windom store which made them realize that people were beginning to think that this rumor was true. Some of the different rumors that they heard included that they were closing on August 30th or that the owner had a heart attack or simple reasons like they just decided to quit the business. When Johnson’s Meat Market owner Dustin Johnson heard about this rumor he was confused mainly because the business had just put a new sign on his building and they are talking about adding more freezers in the store in order to have more meats avail- able to purchase by customers. 

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