Vincent Falcon who is currently being held in Watonwan County Jail on a felony kidnapping charge was charged last Thursday with a felony charge of Threats of Violence after an alleged incident took place in the Watonwan County Jail.

According to a criminal complaint filed in Watonwan County Court, on August 17th Falcon was eating porkchops in the jail, when the unidentified victim was walking back to his cell. While walking by his cell he brushed past Falcon, and Falcon became agitated and began making comments towards the victim. According to the com- plaint Falcon picked up a porkchop bone and went to the victim’s cell and threatened him.

According to the complaint the next day while the victim was playing cards with other inmates Falcon went up to the vic- tim and threatened to stab him. According to the complaint three other inmates provided statements about what happened. The alleged incidents were also caught on the jail’s security cam- eras.

The alleged incident took place five days before his defense lawyer Jill Backer announced that they will be filing a rule 20 motion in Falcon’s kidnapping case, which is a motion to allow for a mental health evaluation to see if the defendant is capable of standing trial. This was quickly and strongly opposed by Watonwan County Attorney Steve Lindee. Falcon was previously offered a plea deal which would have required Falcon to plead guilty to one count of assault in the third degree and spend 18 months in prison. 

For the full story check out the 8-31 print edition of the Plaindealer.