As obesity and healthy eating becomes more and more of an emphasis throughout the country, there continues to be a question that arises for many organizations. The question is how to make sure there is adequate healthy food options for all income levels and that people know what to do with the different foods that they get.

One example of this is the Watonwan County Food Shelf. One of the issues is that they have a hard time getting people to choose the different healthy food options, such as whole-wheat products or unique produce, due to a variety of reasons. Some of the reasons include not knowing how it tastes and not knowing how to prepare it.

One day as Watonwan County Extension’s SNAP Ed coordinator Beth Labenz and Watonwan County Food Shelf Director Debbie Schmillen were talking about the healthy foods that are offered at the food shelf, they figured out that they needed to get creative and figure out a way to teach people how to make recipes out  of groceries and be able to provide them with the healthy food ingredients as well. 

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