The Godahl Store which used to be the longest running Co-op in Minnesota, will soon be opening it’s doors as some- thing else. The Godahl store will be used as the Godahl Learning Village.

When it wasn’t positive what the Godahl store would turn into once it closed longtime Godahl resident Amy Hanson knew that if something didn’t happen with it she would be willing to step up if needed. From there, Hanson came up with a vision to turn the historic building into a preschool.

This type of preschool is a little different than the ones a lot of people imagine. This type

of preschool is called Montessori preschool. One of the differences with this pre- school and others is that all the children ages 2.5 to 5 years old are all in the same room and work together. Another difference is the general mission of the school. The school’s main goal is to teach children a very important skill and that is how to learn so they can have a love of learning for life. Hanson believes that once you teach children how to learn they will become passionate about it for the rest of their lives. Hanson comes with a lot of experience in this type of learning environment. Hanson previously taught for fifteen years of preschool for The Montessori Learning Center in Mankato. She also has personal experience with this learning environment as all her children attended the school. 

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