St. Jame’s coffee shop Encore coffee has been called upon by Senator Amy Klobuchar to cater a weekly coffee gathering in Klobuchar’s Washington D.C. office. This is the second time Encore coffee’s owner Heather Wentzel has been contacted by Senator Klouchar to cater the D.C. event; in February of 2016 she was contacted for the first time to prepare baked goods for the political event. “Locally-owned businesses like Encore Coffee Café help keep our economy strong,” Klobuchar said. “I was happy to bring a taste of St. James to my guests here in Washington.” Klobuchar’s coffee meetings, called “Minnesota Mornings,” take place every Thursday when the Senate is in session. Wentzel prepared six types of baked goods for the event. Chocolate chip toffee, pumpkin, and pure maple scones, as well as apple pie, lemon blueberry, and raspberry banana muffins were overnighted via UPS to make it to the meeting. Wentzel had only five days after being contacted to prepare and bake them. Wentzel has been the owner of Encore coffee since February of 2015, which she took ownership of after being its manager for three years. Encore coffee is in the historic St. James opera house, which rents space to Encore and two other local businesses while funds are being raised for the ongoing restoration. Encore coffee offers espresso, tea, and coffee beverages, lunch options, and catering. Wentzel caters baby showers, weddings, and has been known to provide treats for groups of a hundred or more, and relies purely on word of mouth advertising.

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