The St. James Fire Department showed off their fire station on Sunday, October 8th. While the day was fun for people of all ages and especially children, the day also was an educational opportunity for people to learn about fire safety in a fun way.

Some of the different activities they had for the kids were fire truck rides, contests to knock down cones with the fire house, a bouncy house, giveaways, and even the chance to go on the ladder truck.

One of the most important educational moments for parents and children came during the kitchen fire demonstration. During this time fire fighter Bill Nelson explained different safety tips for parents to help get their children out of danger while they are cooking in the kitchen. One of the biggest hazards that he described was children turning on the stove by accident especially those where the knobs are in front and at a easy reach for children. One of the examples of how to avoid this problem is to set up a rug in front of the stove and to tell children that the rug is off limits. Another way to help is by getting child proof knobs that go over the knobs so they can’t turn it on.

During the fire demonstration that was presented by fire fighter Joe Thulien the crowd was amazed to see how quickly it can start. One of the things that they did during the demonstration is they show the crowd what happens if you pour water onto a grease fire. The crowd was amazed to see how big the fire gets when someone does this. It was a educational moment because people realized how quickly they would need to get out of the way during a fire in their kitchen. Some of the other fire safety lessons that were given include how to test smoke detectors, how to test fire extinguishers, to things like how to come up with a fire escape plan and the importance of every family having one.

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