While major additions were made to the St. James Public Schools this past Summer because of a referendum there were also other purchases that were made this year thanks to generous donations made by the District 840 Foundation.

One of the most important donations made by the Foundation was for $50,000.00 to help with the purchasing of individual Chrombooks to help with personalized learning and software curriculum.

The District 840 Foundation also made major contributions to the Science Department. The high school Science department received $25,000.00 for the purchase of Biology and Chemistry equipment for the students. This equipment includes a Super Skeleton Sam, 12 Microscopes, 6 digital Microscopes, and a Van de Graff Generator. The Foundation also purchased a light box, 2 drying racks, 2 hot plates with stirrers, 8 electronic balances along with many other things.

St. James Science teacher Scott Allen says that the additions to the science room will help out the students in many ways. The foundation payed for all the new microscopes for Biology which allows us to have all students work with quality equipment. The foundation also payed for balances and hot plates that help Physical Science, Chemistry, and Biology do more labs more efficiently than in the past. Overall, other new additions allows the science department to get more students a better experience with science,” said Allen.

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