Whether you are moving to St. James, visiting St. James or already live here there is now a perfect website to visit.

The new one stop website is called Discover St. James. The website idea was first approved by community stakeholders at a Build the Future meeting. Scheffer took the idea to the St. James Economic Development Authority (EDA) and they agreed to fund the site, in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce. The website is managed by the St. James Economic Development Authority staff, the St. James Area Chamber of Commerce, and the St. James Area Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.

The goal of the website is to make it easier for people to make a decision about starting a business in St. James or moving to St. James because all the different information will be available on one website.

“With combining the three organizations efforts, we were able to showcase the entire community with the same messaging. Typically Chambers and Convention and Visitor Bureaus (CVBs) are tasked with community advertising, but the EDA supported this project financially because of the importance of online advertising for business development and resident recruitment. To some, if you are not online, you do not exist. St. James has many wonderful assets and it was important to us to make sure someone looking St. James up online could easily see just how great this community is, and make their decision to move here or start a business here that much easier,” said Jamie Scheffer the EDA Director for St. James. 

Angela Rathman the President of the Conventions and Visitors Bureau said that website will be a way to highlight all the wonderful things that St. James has to offer. “Whatever you enjoy doing most; St. James is the place to be. Whether it's visiting our historic attractions and our Railroad museums, experiencing the town's original Art Walk or taking in the great outdoors, we can help you plan the perfect getaway in St. James,” said Rathman. “We continue to be proud of St. James’s commitment to quality, making our community a truly desirable place to visit and or live, and we look forward to providing an exemplary experience,” said Rathman.

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