It was an exciting day in the city of St. James on Saturday as local children and members of the St. James Ambulance, Fire and Police Department took part in the first ever “Shop with a hero” event in St. James.

Kids were able to go shopping with the first responders. All the shopping was done in St. James and stops included Fleet and Farm and Shopko, True Value to name a few also some businesses gave discounts on stuff kids bought.

The children got to buy presents for themselves as well as presents for their family members. There was a wide choice of presents that were bought and all the presents were wrapped at the St. James Fire Hall with the help of the first responders. The funds used for the presents came from generous donations and grants by Shopko, Tony downs food , Smithfield food,st James ambulance and St. James Fire. Superfair foods and Schmidt’s bakery donated some of the food that was also given to each family. The idea first came about when a couple of firefighters talked about it then Fire Chief Jason Monnens was able to contact Mankato public safety who is in charge of the same kind of thing in mankato and he gave St.James a lot of help when it came to organizing the event.

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