Many people knew Joe McCabe as the City of St. James City Manager. Now people will get to know him as the new Chamber of Commerce Executive Director as he assumed his new role on Jan.1after serving as the Interim Director for almost a year.

After retiring at the end of 2016 McCabe was approached by a community member who challenged him to take over the Chamber to make it once again an vivable and successful organization. At the time the Chamber had many difficulties including being in a financially unstable position. The recently retired McCabe saw it as a challenge after spending the last thirty years in managerial roles. Before coming to St. James McCabe spent twenty years as the City Administrator for Madelia and spent ten years as the City Manager for St. James.

McCabe originally took on the role on an interim basis but as McCabe will say he is still having fun in the role and decided to take it on permanently. Some of the things that McCabe hopes the Chamber is able to do going forward include setting up luncheons for businesses. This means that employers would be able to have training sessions with their employees taught by professionals in order to help their business. McCabe said this can include things like having police officers do training sessions on how to look for shoplifting or training sessions on things like customer service.

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