On Jan. 3 The Watonwan County Sheriff’s Office arrested Braulio Rodriguez, 18 of Butterfield in connection with burglaries that occurred in the city of Butterfield. Rodriguez was booked into Watonwan County Jail on charges of Burglary and Theft.

According to the complaint filed in Watonwan County Court on Nov. 17, 2017 the Butterfield True Value store was broken into via back entrance. The burglar took $50 in petty cash, $250 cash, $1,172.32 in checks, and $60 in prepaid phone cards. The total loss to True Value was $1,532.32. No suspects were located. A 2nd burglary took place in Butterfield on Dec.18. according to the complaint again at the same True Value location. The complaint states “On this occasion, the burglar obtained entrance via a vent in the roof of the building after not being able to gain entrance by prying open a door. The burglar broke open the screen on the vent and through the ceiling crawl space and down through the northwest ceiling tiles. The damage from this activity amounted to $800 ($500 for the pried and damaged door and $300 for the damaged vent and ceiling). Cash and tools were stolen on this occasion, totaling $2,708.97. No suspects were located.

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