Introducing the Business Rail, a new weekly feature that will have standing topics (Number to Know, A Dollar Just Doesn't Go Far These Days), news snippets and more.

  Number to Know: $350 million   The worth of soccer club Manchester United, making it the most valuable sports franchise in the world, according to Forbes. By comparison, the New York Yankees are fourth with a value of $217 million, and the Boston Red Sox are ninth with $125 million.   What Are They Thinking?   Introducing a new product that makes us scratch our heads: Sweat-flavored soda   Jones Soda Co., in cooperation with the Seattle Seahawks, announced it is going to introduce five football-inspired flavors – and that includes sweat. The flavors are Perspiration, Dirt, Sports Cream, Natural Field Turf and Sweet Victory. Is anyone really going to want to drink a beverage that tastes like sweaty gym socks? Well, to each his own.   A Dollar Just Doesn’t Go As Far These Days   A dairy in Japan is selling a quart of milk for $43. Not all the milk, though, just the kind taken from cows once a week at dawn. This super milk is said to contain higher levels of melatonin, which can lower anxiety and ward off depression. And if you get anxious and depressed about all the money you’re shelling out, the milk will cure it and you’ll be back to where you were!   A Dollar Just Doesn’t Go As Far These Days, Part II   A 157-year-old Scotch was sold for almost $60,000 Friday at auction, according to the AFP. So that’s how much per shot? Too much.   Big Surprise Here   Forbes released its list of top-earning TV personalities, and, surprise surprise, Oprah tops the list. And how! She makes $200 million more than the next-biggest earner, Jerry Seinfeld ($60 million). Rounding out the top 10 are Simon Cowell ($45 million), David Letterman ($40 million), Donald Trump ($32 million), Jay Leno ($32 million), Dr. Phil McGraw ($30 million), Judy Sheindlin ($30 million), George Lopez ($26 million) and Kiefer Sutherland ($22 million).   Good Planning, Navy   The Navy plans to spend about $600,000 to modify a barracks complex in Coronado, Calif., that is designed in the shape of a swastika, several news agencies reported. The buildings were erected in 1967, but apparently no one noticed they were swastika-like until someone spotted it on Google Earth.   GateHouse News Service