With enough votes and comments, Tom Rahm’s Juuie Tek invention will be judged and go into market, making life just a little less pulpy and a lot faster and easier.

    There’s still a week left, so go online at http://www.quirky.com/ideations/256834#comments and squeeze your vote in!


    Tom Rahm of Truman is what many could call an “idea man” or even an “answer man.”
    You need no further proof of this than to ask him a question – any question, really – and he either will have an idea, an answer or, in all probability, both.Take, for instance, his new modern innovation, Juice Tek, which is posted on the website Quirky Ideations, and you kind of get a picture of what goes on within the grinding gears of his brain.
    “There’s people out there who juice every day,” explained Rahm. “And there’s other people who buy [juice machines] and it’s a mess. And you get the cheap ones and they don’t work real well and it takes too much time, so they just quit and it goes under the counter again, collecting dust. We got one, I used it, and then I quit.”
    The product, which according to the website, “Juice Tek offers a mess-free and pulp-free juicing solution to meet the needs of healthy-minded consumers with busy schedules. The key to creating a mess-free juicer, is the Juice Tek Filter. The filter keeps the pulp contained in the earth-friendly paper, keeping the sticky mess out of the kitchen...”

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