I am shocked, stunned and appalled by these proposed conference changes.

They’re disgusting!

    I am shocked, stunned and appalled by these proposed conference changes.

    They’re disgusting!

    Maryland and Rutgers to the Big Ten? Come on that sucks.

    All for the almighty dollar because the Big Ten  Network can collect more tribute from those lucrative east coast eyeballs.  Pull in those TV markets from DC to New York, charge higher cable fees and you are talking some serious money.

    The Big Ten has been using the logo B1G because Big Ten graduates can count and adding Rutgers and Maryland definitely does not add up. Of course the Big Ten has been math challenged for two decades.  

    Money talks and a century of tradition gets tossed into the dumpster.

    The Rutgers Scarlett Knights and the Maryland Terrapins - blah! Turtles in the Big Ten, err Twelve, err Fourteen! When does the counting end?

    Maybe not for awhile. There are reports the Big Whatever might pick off Georgia Tech, North Carolina and Virginia from the ACC and slide them into making the Big....um, what’s the count up to.....Seventeen?      

       Notre Dame there is an eighteenth seat waiting for you. But not for Duke. Sorry Blue Devils, I am guessing it’s football first and great basketball programs can twist in the wind.

    Anyway, internet scuttlebutt says the Rutgers Knights and Maryland Turtles might reshape the conference into divisions that look like this.   


Ohio State
Penn State


Michigan State
    As a Hawkeye in the land of Gophers I am absolutely happy to put the new Eastern riffraff into what is becoming an Eastern Division. But, it’s sad to consider the plight of a team like the Badgers.

    In football, the Buckey boys from Madison would likely have to drop playing two traditional Big Ten schools and pick up games against the Turtle and Knight interlopers.

    I’m assuming there would still be crossover games, so the Gopher-Badger football game would be safe. Surely, the Big Whatever would never end the longest, continuous series in college football history.  Besides, that axe is cool.         

Not as cool as the pig, which is safe in Iowa City, where it belongs, thank you very much Gophers.                 

However, as a Hawkeye, I mourn the damage this conference realignment might do to  an Iowa-Wisconsin game.     At eight conference games and fourteen teams, the Hawks and Badgers would meet twice in twelve years. The Hawkeyes host the Badgers at Kinnick once every twelve years? Depressing.